Update Number (?): The New Face of Twitter

This weekend I received a free face lift for my phone’s appearance. Somewhere along the way, it uploaded the newest update for my Twitter app. What’s new? Based on my initial testing and exploring, not much at all has changed. So far as I know, nothing new was added as far as functionality. However, they did change the appearance of some of the icons and how my feed appears on my screen. The auto updates seem to come through all of the time, same goes with my Facebook app, and it makes me wonder why they feel the need to change so much?

On the one hand, I understand the basic needs to change: The interface needs to be up to date, improvements are made with functionality, or the technology changes. I get this. The world of apps changes even faster than most technology. But why is there the need for updating the smallest changes. Take my last two, for example. Twitter changed the face of the icons on the top of the app and added some blue, while Facebook swapped the side of my page where my posts appear and also added some blue.

The classroom tells me that these changes are super calculated. I’m sure both had large focus groups and found that even the smallest changes lead to better user satisfaction and ease of use. However, common sense is telling me they basically do nothing. Both apps just want to appear to provide something new to keep them appearing fresh and new. Maybe to combat declining “coolness,” see my previous post. Whatever the case, I am probably a safe bet for a returning user. It could be a black screen for all I care, but so long as I continue to think my tweets are making it out into the Twittershpere and my delusions of people caring what I have to think continue, I will keep on Tweetin’ on.

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One Response to Update Number (?): The New Face of Twitter

  1. hollyzeller says:

    I think the most interesting part of your post is where you point out how in order to make these seemingly insignificant changes these companies have put in such large levels of effort with focus groups, surveys, etc. They know that our generation has a tendency to get bored rather quickly and the companies take actions to make sure they are seen as “fresh and new” as you point out in this post. I agree, I don’t see myself stopping using Twitter or Facebook any time soon, and these small changes they keep making will not make any difference to my usage, but perhaps it will have an effect on others and their efforts will not be in vain.

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