Is Facebook no longer “cool?”

Facebook is the Mecca. What began as companies like myspace and Zanga experimenting with what social would became, Facebook is what social became. It became a multibillion user, all-encompassing social network site. While they perfected the game and are unmatched in the social realm, they are also the same sight that recently went public and constantly is in a fight between what users, compared to shareholders prefer.

Several recent articles I’ve ran across, which will go un cited because I don’t remember exactly where they came from and the theme seems universal, lead to one question: Is Facebook no longer cool? The company has experienced sharp decreases in share price and users continue to spend less and less time visiting their “favorite” social media site.

I think it boils down to simple fact that was alluded to in “The Social Network.” And that is that Facebook had several key factors that made it cool. It was exclusive, it was user friendly, privacy was not a large issue, it wasn’t monetized. None of these factors continue to exist and I belief ultimately lead to a simple conclusion that Facebook has passed its prime. Another large indicator of this trait is teenagers who are turning to other apps like Instagram and Snapchat in ever greater numbers. Possibly to hark back to a time when people had less friends, the setting was more exclusive, and privacy was not a concern. And I understand Facebook owns Instagram, and I further understand that it is a giant company and there is no reason to believe it will be impossible for them to bounce back. But look at your personal social activity and those around you. It becomes clear: Facebook just isn’t that cool anymore.

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