Google’s Ad Mission: “Get people to use the Internet more.”

Recently, I read an article on Google’s powerhouse ad program. Google makes a large proportion from their revenue from online advertising and have long been the industry leader with this star product. However, Google Ads and other internet advertising have frequently been receiving increased criticism for their evasive nature towards the internet. The article centered on how their social network platform Google+ and everything they do as a company was focused on the simple idea to “Get people to use the Internet more.” Maybe their plan wasn’t so evil after all.

In their master plan Google is working on several projects to reduce the friction of entry onto the internet in order to increase the accessibility and time spent online. Much of the information they use to data mine key needs among customers is found through their growing database of data in Google+. While overall usage of the site is not increasing as one might think, the amount of secondary usage of the site by bloggers, programmers, apps, etc. are creating something along the lines of Google’s data collection. This is the key to some of their proposed ideas.

Chief among them is probably Google’s Fiber program that it has rolled out as a beta in the Kansas City area. This is a superfast, paid for internet provider that allows for speeds up to 100 times faster than today’s broadband. They offer a one-time and monthly payment plan, and are implementing an idea that would include digital TV. This along with newer phones, the upcoming Google Glass, and their experimental internet protocol are allowing Google to find new sources of revenue. These may be even larger than their current ad program. It seems that Google used their powerful ad program to create a line of products that serve customers’ needs better than ever before, and may lead to a decreased use of evasive ads in the future. They just want more of use to be able to use the internet more and in the easiest way possible. Maybe Google has had our best interest in mind all along, we just didn’t see it.

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