Facebook Graph Search: Trouble for Early Adopters

Last post I got into the beginnings of a discussion on Facebook Graph Search. Today I want to go deeper into the subject and share what I believe will end up being a dagger in the backs of early adopters and drive many users from the site. 

As discussed before, everything a user has ever done on Facebook is fair game for graph search. This creates an interesting scenario for the early adopters and people who have been on Facebook for a number of years. Why? They are the guinea pigs. They are the ones who first joined the site before it was a must do, tested all the features as they were released, and liked everything in sight. The reality and purpose of Facebook has changed, but this is no concern for Graph Search. 

This can pose a problem for these early Facebook users. Using myself as an example, I have been using Facebook since 2006, nearly a third of my life and I was even a little late to the game. This was however, before it became a necessary worldwide craze. It was just the new Myspace. People posted and acted with reckless abandon. This isn’t because we were all anarchists, but because the rules of Facebook didn’t exist. It was a black slate. And along with Zuckerberg, we were trying to find out exactly what Facebook was.

Not only were the rules not established by who I am as a person wasn’t established. I don’t think I am alone in saying that the 16 year old self is much different than the 22 year old version of the same person. My beliefs about the world have grown and changed. But this is not of interest to Graph Search. Whatever I did, knowingly or not, as an immature 16 year old now ties to the slightly more mature 22 year old. I can’t speak to anything in particular, but I know there have to be things that if it works for the permanent ink of the internet, I would go back and change, delete, or never say.

I am part of the first generation to be held responsible for their digital self and helping set the course for what Facebook is today.

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One Response to Facebook Graph Search: Trouble for Early Adopters

  1. Sara says:

    I agree. We are the guinea pigs. But there is a website, reppler.com, where it tracks our social platforms and shows pictures of comments that are suggested as red flags. It does not delete these red flags, but from these suggestions, you can do it yourself.

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