Facebook Graph Search: Privacy Battle Ahead?

By now we have all heard of Facebook’s new search tool, Graph Search, however, not as many of us have actually had the opportunity to use it. Facebook builds it up as a game changer, their response to Google and it’s growing Google+ network. While they claim this is the next big thing, skeptics and apostles alike have expressed concerns over what good it actually does. 

One of the biggest concerns stems from its ability to search through everything people have posted to Facebook in their entire existence on the site. Yes everything. This has created some issues. An accidental click of the mouse 2 years ago, now can mean that you like Communism. When in reality you may have been so outraged by the thought of liking Communism that you threw your mouse against the wall and it magically clicked “like.” 

I understand that this a slightly ridiculous comparison, but it illustrates my point. Whatever you put to the site, Communist or not, no matter what your feelings are today, Graph Search can find it. Ultimately the search connects back to you. 

Facebook is known for its privacy concerns, as well as for have highly rated privacy settings. The gap lies in the fact that many people are unfamiliar with the constantly changing interface and do not know how to properly protect themselves. It is yet to be seen, whether or not people will be able to alter their privacy settings to protect themselves from the evasiveness of Graph Search. One thing is certain in my eyes, this will be a game changer in one way or another.

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